Electromagnetic field blocker

Neutralize EMF and EMR from cell phones and electronic devices.

Radiation Protection

Quantum Shield Sticker

Family Package included:
6 x Radiation protection stickers.

Why Quantum Shield?

Quantum Shield Brand


Extends the rechargeable battery life by 2-3 times and

Charge phone 50% quicker


Clean the back of the phone and

place the shield.

The shield can also be used on other devices



Increases your focus, energy, and concentration.

Enhances blood circulation, immune and endocrine systems in the body.

Help with headaches, insomnia, dizziness, hair loss, fatigue, memory loss, mouth ulcers, etc


Compact and stylish design to cell phones and electronic devices


Reduce mobile phone radiation inquiry in the body by up to 96.43%.

The sticker is harmless to human body and will not affect mobile reception.


Protects you from penetrating EMF/EMR radiation for up to 5 years


Family Package included:
6 x Radiation protection stickers.


Quantum Shield - Does It Work?

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is harmful to our nerve cells.

Our Quantum Shields that are made of magnetic negative ions neutralize positive ions (EMF/EMR) when positive ions are present; effectively negating and neutralizing EMF and EMR radiations.


Radiation In Everyday Life

Radiation Health Effects | US EPA

View basic information about how radiation affects human health, including the concepts of acute and chronic exposure, internal and external sources of exposure and sensitive populations

Peter Fox, Lawyer

This product is amazing has totally helped me from the tingling and heat that I would feel while using my phone.

Maybe I’m just more sensitive than others.

Customers Tell

Mary Hill, Teacher

I have used your product in the past and will continue to do so. Protection from EMF''s is not as understood as it should be, thank you for your contribution to the necessary enlightenment.

Ryan Dahl, Programmer

I'm one happy customer. Since using the Fusion Excel shields I sleep better and have no headaches at all. Highly recommend for anyone sensitive to EMF.



Today we are surrounded by technology that emits radiation regularly.
Quantum Shield is the solution to this problem, according to new studies cellular phones and electronic devices radiation may cause headaches, insomnia, confusion and most of all cancer, which triggers the rising need to lower the radiation exposure in our daily lives.

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